If you are new to our office or if you had just moved to Murfreesboro or the Middle Tennessee area, you are invited to come meet with us to discuss your needs. Our office is convenient to all of Murfreesboro and surrounding counties. We are located at 1435 N W Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN, 37129. Here you will find that we offer what is likely the most comprehensive range of effective, conservative drug-free, non-surgical pain treatment options in Murfreesboro.

Our services include:

Non-surgical Spinal Disc Decompression (SDD) – This is one of the most advanced non-surgical treatment technologies that has been developed in the history of spinal care. We have developed very effective treatment protocols based on research originating from Harvard, Johns Hopkins Mayo and other medical research programs. You will benefit from the exclusive treatment protocols available in our office.

Acupuncture – Dr. Kestner was the first doctor to bring clinical acupuncture to the Murfreesboro area. Since then he has treated many area residents for a wide range of painful conditions. This innovative acupuncture technique has proven to be very effective even in chronic pain that has been present for many years.  Call us to ask about this surprisingly comfortable procedure. You’ll be glad you did!

Watch this video as this patient shares her remarkable story.  She explains how our painless acupuncture solved her longstanding pain:

Contemporary chiropractic care– Our unique chiropractic care is becoming more popular for one reason… it combines ultra effectiveness with unexpected comfort. Our wide range of chiropractic procedures means we are likely to have an option that is perfect for you. Besides having the most experienced doctor in the area (Joint pain and neurological conditions is an area where experience really does matter), our office is one of the most completely equipped with state-of-the-art options that include instrument adjusting, gentle chiropractic treatments for children and adults, specific treatments for acute injuries as well as for chronic pain. No other clinic in Murfreesboro or Tennessee has our unique combination of options.

Flexion/distraction – This therapy is especially effective for bulging spinal discs and other lower back problems. Our office was the first in Murfreesboro to offer this advanced highly-recommended therapy option. Our doctor has unmatched clinical experience treating injured or damaged discs with flexion/distraction. He has literally treated thousands of patients with this techniques – with great success.

Watch Dr. Kestner explain how he uses this exclusive treatment to help your spine heal:

LASER pain treatment - We rely on the most time-tested treatments such as acupuncture as well as advanced technology such a cold LASER therapy that has been shown to be effective in the treatment of painful problems.  Dr. Kestner has been involved with evaluating various LASER technologies over the past decade.  He serves on the Medical Board for MicroLight Corporation of America.

Here is a video with Dr. Kestner demonstrating the use of the ML830 LASER on a patient with persistent pain after 5 surgeries:

Rehab Training – Want to know which exercises and activities can help and which ones to avoid? We can help with that! Our rehab training can be an important part of your recovery strategy.

Physical Therapy modalities – You will be glad to know that we also offer relaxing, effective therapies such as nerve and muscle stimulation. Offering a full range of beneficial options.

Weight Loss – Having trouble losing weight? Experiencing night sweats, fatigue, digestive problems or other symptoms? Nutrition counseling may be helpful. The best way to learn more is to call us.

We will schedule a friendly, free consultation at your convenience. Have questions about treatment options, results, fees, insurance or anything else? We will do our best to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

We look forward to meeting you!

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